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Invitation to Talko ry´s statutory spring meeting

May 09, 2022

Talko ry welcomes all its members to the statutory spring meeting of the association on May 31, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held live and the classroom number will be published closer to the event. The meeting will be held in Finnish.

All Talko’s members are welcome to participate and all members have the right to speak. Memberships will be checked around 15 min in advance, so please arrive a little earlier.

Talko ry's statutory spring meeting's agenda includes:

1. Opening the meeting
2. Choosing the chairperson, secretary, examiners of the minutes (2)
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
4. Approving the agenda
5. Notifications
6. Presentation of the financial statement, annual report and the statement of the accountant of 2021
7. Confirming the financial statement, annual report and statement of the accountant of 2021
8. Accepting the freedom of responsibility for the 2021 board and other accountable people 
9. Granting the resignation of a member of the board
10. Filling the vacancy on the board
11. Other possible matters
12. Closing the meeting


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