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PROTalko is an electoral alliance in the Helga Representative council representing the business, sales and International Business students of Haaga-Helia. It operates independently, from the board of Talko, but follows the purpose defined in the association's bylaws as well as the objectives regulated in the meeting of the association. 

PROTalko is one of the longest standing electoral alliances operating in the Helga Representative council. You may read PROTalko’s full political program here.

In the fall of 2022, Talko ry joined forces with other Haaga-Helia's students associations and set up a new list called "Petrol Blues". Petrol Blues is a new representative election list that brings together all Haaga-Helia students. The aim of the list is to ensure that the voice of all degrees is heard. Among other things, they push for Helga's membership fee refund for tutors and more functional health services for students. 

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