Sit have become an important part of the culture in Talko and a way of reinforcing the BBA-identity. We have collected a set of guidelines of the sitz rules to remind older students as well as to lift the spirit of the newer ones!
What sitz?
Sitz is an academic table party, which traditionally consist of eating well, singing and having speeches. Your own table group and other celebrators must be respected by obeying good manners, table etiquette, and the rules of the sitz. ​Sizt are one of the oldest student traditions practised in Finland. 



One of the traditional events that Talko has is the Fresher sitz, which is organized together with the board and Helga tutors. This event is targeted towards new students and who are Talko members. 

The purpose of the evens is to familiarize the new freshers with each other as well as to the customs of sitz. As the idea is to practice how everything works, the event will be more casual and will focus on learning the rules and customs. Traditionally, Talko’s sitz has a song book for each participant, hence it is acceptable if songs like “Yogi Bear” or “Fuksilaulu” are not yet familiar.


It is recommended to bring your own beverages with you for example for toasting. 

Dress code: come as you are and coveralls. (if not mentioned otherwise)