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Sitz etiquette

The ten golden rules of Talko's sitz

1. One should arrive on time for the sitz, as latecomers will be punished.

2. One should dress according to the dress code.

3. One should follow the instructions of the Toastmaster.

4. One should not talk, drink or eat during songs or when someone has the floor.

5. One should not get off the table without a permission from the Toastmaster.

6. One should ask for a permission to take the floor by tinkling their glass. The Toastmaster will grant the permission. 

7. Songs are requested in the same way as taking the floor. One should be familiar with the song they request, or suggest another person who knows the song to lead it. Everyone participates in singing to their best ability. Talko will provide a songbook for all participants at the sitz to make singing easier for those not familiar with the song. In addition, you can buy the songbook Profitti from Talko’s office. 

8. One should toast after every song. This happens by first raising your glass towards your table avec (men to the right, ladies to the left), then to the opposite direction, and finally towards the person sitting across the table. While toasting the glasses should not touch. 

9. There are multiple things participants can shout during the songs to spice things up a bit. These shouts should only be placed between verses so that they don’t disturb the natural flow of the song:

“Mellansup” – everyone takes a small sip from their drink before the song continues. 

“Tempo” – the singing speeds up within the limits of good taste.

”Omstart” – the song or the verse starts over. 

10. One should only drink during songs when someone shouts ”mellansup” or taking a sip is a part of the song.



​There’s no need to worry if it takes a while to get on track with all of the rules, but do note that breaking the rules will result in a punishment sentenced by the Toastmaster. It is a customary that there’s no clapping during sitz. Instead one can tap the table or stomp their feet to express one’s enthusiasm.

The Talko board wishes good sitz for everyone!​


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